Monday, March 30, 2009

Council bluff race 09

First off, I love it when a promoter says were racing rain are shine. What about some snow too! It was awesome, when it was done! Me and the Masher talked before the race and I think we were both thinking the same thing pace and nutrition were going to be the key. We both knew it was probably going to be a 3 lap race unless something went wrong. Doing 3 laps in these conditions was easily going to be a 4hr plus race. Cold temps at the start made it hard to figure out what to wear. My only mistake was wearing the shoe covers, my feet got wet pretty quick from the deep creek crossings and the shoe covers just weighed me down. Everything else went awesome. The race started off pretty mellow. The first downhill was a blast and it didn't take long to get a gap on everybody. Mitch finally got around some slower racers and made quick work to catch up to me. I stuck on Mitch's wheel for a while. That was fun. I think by the time I got to the first big climb (the wall) I was by myself. I was keeping a good pace through the first lap no real hard efforts until I got to the climb to go up to the campground. As I started the climb I noticed another marathon racer closing in. I put in probably to hard of a effort on that climb. Coming out on to the road I was greeted by motivation! Thanks for riding along with me for a bit, it got my head back to were it needed to be, ready to snap some wrists! Going into the second lap was good I new I would get a third lap as long as the bike held up. Nutrition was dialed, biggest thing I worked on this winter. Never felt tired but never felt fast either. Hitting the ( wall of a climb) on the second lap was now a hike a bike. About mid way up looking back Mr Sager was at the bottom. I was thinking this is turning into being a really good race. I was wanting to up the pace but didn't want to burn myself for the last lap, done that way to many times before. So I stuck to the plan. Getting to the campground climb at the end of the second lap I was figuring at some point I would see Mr Sager again. I never did. Going out onto the third lap was great. I was using the Bonty XDX which isn't the lightest tires but were doing the trick. I used them all winter on the SS without any problems and had full confidence they would get me through the race as long as I rode some what clean. I couldn't imagine having to change a flat in these conditions. At some point Chris came by me. I was wondering how long it would take before the Cross country racers started catching me. I thought it would be cool to stick on his wheel, that lasted about a minute dude was on a mission. Crossing that big creek leading up to the wall Mr Breslin came flying by me, dude was on a mission too! This was cool. On this climb it was no longer a mountain bike race it was a running race. It was awesome watching these two battle so hard up that climb. Congrats Chris on the win!! I finished out the rest of the race just keeping a good pace. Mitch finished up a little behind me for a strong second. It was awesome having a big field in the marathon class again. Pretty stoked at all the people that came out and did this race. And the promotors that took the time to set up the course in this mess and have to go back after the race and take it back down, that had to be fun! Results. Garmin link.

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