Sunday, March 15, 2009

What do you do.

So far we are 2 for 2 with cancelled races. At least the Bone Bender will be rescheduled for next month. I had full intentions of riding something big and was wondering what to do. Some others had the same thing in mind. Me Mitch and Greg had already planned on riding something on the Ozark trail. A short conversation with Mike Best about the Berryman to Council bluff connector and there plans on camping and I was thinking we should all just hook up and ride. So me and Mitch got it worked out and I decided to give Chris a call figured he would definitely want in on this. Mike, Doug Davis, Nate Means and Jason ? were planning on meeting us for the ride at 10am. The idea was to get there early enough to do the Berryman first. I had just got the 1x9 HIFi fully set up and was dying to get a ride in on it. I got started about 15 minutes later than what I wanted but still was out on the trail to see the sun come up. The Berryman loop went perfect. I got back, ate changed clothes and headed back out with everybody else. The Ozark trail was great, we made it down to the Council Bluff connector in good time but not enough time to do the CB loop. Next time we will have to leave a car down there with food and Lights. Its pretty easy to say that everybody got out this ride what they wanted. Good times! The Berryman loop. The connector trail out and back. Thanks for the food you guys hooked me up with after the ride.

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