Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big group pretty cool route.

Last Sunday Jim convinced me to go ride with some of the guys from his team (Gateway cycling club). We met up with a couple of Momentum cycles guys in Arnold and then headed north to meet the rest of the guys. The ride was pretty cold off of the start in the low 20s with a pretty strong head wind. The ride was a lot of fun other than having a lot of stopped time which happens when you get a bigger group are when you have a few guys that are on a strict training program. I think it was driving Jim a little nuts, usually when its just us its go until there is no more go! And that seems to be the easiest thing for myself. We did knock down some pretty big hills along the way which was fun. I would of loved to have done Franks rd. though when I usually get up that way I always try to do it. I wont complain by the time it was all done I got a lot of good intensity in. Figured out during the ride that I was riding with Dave Cummings a guy I did some skateboarding with back in the day and if I remember correctly he was pretty dang good. Would love to hook up with these guys more often. Here is the Garmin link from the ride.

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