Friday, February 6, 2009

Back in the Day!

Back in High School my obsession was skateboarding. Me and my buddy Ron would go up to this skate park in Peoria, IL after School. It was usually about a 1 1/2 hour drive in Ron's beater of a ford escort. We would usually be skating here or heading downtown STL. I remember riding the Bi state bus from Collinsville to downtown STL when I was 14, I would skate the 4 miles or so up to the bus stop to meet my friends early on Saturdays, we would skate all day then catch the last bus home, I was never late for dinner so my parents never questioned were I had been. If they would of known I probably would still be grounded!! Lot of very memorable sessions from those days. One footed ollie across a little platform.
This one was way back in the day, maybe 1985. Just learning how to do handrails. Front side rail slide down a 3 step handrail at Venice High School in IL.

Just a little video clip, I would love to get all of the old stuff re-edited out. The quality is pretty rough, sorry we didnt have much to work with back then.

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