Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The usual.

Nick enjoying some good hills from last weekend. Old Lemay at its best or worst.
This intersection represents the usual, Me and Jim have come through here more times than I could count in the last couple of years. This is at the top of the first big hill coming from the covered bridge up Old Lemay. When we go out from the house we usually go up Rice Rd then detour off and go do Wette rd then come up the Old Lemay side going towards Covered bridge. So at this point were usually suffering pretty bad.
Last night was no exception, Me Nick, Doug, Jim and his friend from Chicago went out for some fun with the lights, I love night riding! I don't think Doug enjoyed Wette rd as much knowing what was coming, but one thing I will say is he made quick work of it. Between me Jim and his friend Brian we pretty much attacked on every hill, very good stuff. Look forward to riding with Brian again. Nick did great for one of the bigger rides (with a ton of hill climbs) he has done on the road.
I didn't have the garmin last night for the stats from the ride but cool thing was UPS dropped off my new one while we were out. I was having so many problems with it lately shutting off on road rides never any problems on the MTB. I sent them a email on the problem within a week they had me a new one, GREAT customer service. very stoked! I think we ended up getting in three good hours, great riding guys.

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