Monday, February 23, 2009

Froze Toes.

For as long as I have known Jim he has bugged me to do a road race. I promised him last year I would do one but never did. I got to busy with all of the MTB races that I did. I did tell him that if he did a Mtb race then this year I would do a road race. Froze toes was probably the worst one I could do, I love hills its pancake flat. But there is a lot of Mtb races I want to do this year and figured if I didn't do this one then I wouldn't do one.

I really had no clue to how it would be, I did a road race once back in 2004 and didn't think to much of it. I was pretty nervous once the race got started, I think I was trying to hard to stay out of everybody way instead of just riding. Jim told me before the race to make sure not to get guttered. I think I know what that means now. My goal was to stick with the pack for a lap and I wasn't to far off. I stopped after the first lap to figure out if I should go out again. a small group came through some of us went back out for the other lap. I got to pull the whole lap that was fun. Never stayed seated for that long on a ride in my life and never kept a pace that fast before either. I am amazed at how different racing on the road is compared to the Mountain bike and how strong these guys are. I look forward to trying it again sometime. This race definitely got me excited for the Mtb season to start. Results. to prove to Jim I did a road race in case he went to deep in the red to remember that I was there. Great Job Jim on getting 9Th.


Doug said...

Great Job Dwayne Gosvinski!

Mitch the Masher said...

Ha, our next "super ride" is going to take place in the heart of Illinois. Way to punish yourself by entering the 1,2,3s race. I kind of wish I had done it, this race suits my style.

I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

You would do that to me, we need to plan the next super ride.
I wish you would of been there you would of done well!!