Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fast week.

Lucas enjoying the snow board going up hill. He would do good going down until we got going to fast and then he would bail off of the side. good workout pulling him back up the hill.

The last week has been fun, we missed the Wed. ride last week because of the 6 inches of snow. I got in a good ride on Saturday then did the normal 90 mile road ride with Jim on Sunday. It was kind of a weird start, the roads were pretty icy in spots so it was a slow go for a little while. Things picked up as they usually do and were going good until Jim got one of his two flats for the day. While Jim fixed his flat I dug out all of the rock cinders buried in my tires. No complaints at least the roads were clear of snow. The ride was a good one we suffered bad as we always do..

Tonight's ride was a solo one, Jim and Doug had stuff going on. I got out a little bit earlier than normal so the goal was to get to the top of Rice rd. before the sunset. The pic is of just near the top.

Everybody has there own idea on recovery drinks. Mine is a mix of hammer recoverite, Edy's yogurt blend (any flavor I love them all) Chocolate Soy milk. sometimes I will put a banana in and some strawberry's peanut butter is always good. Stick it in the blender and Blow it up!! I can usually consume this masterpiece in about 30 seconds. good stuff.

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